What's Inside?

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We Build Your Crate

We Build Your Crate

Every month we select our content from a wide variety of special effects makeup, supplies, tools, and tutorials.
While we can't tell you exactly what's in each box (that would ruin the surprise!), we generally try to include:
-Brushes -Sponges-FX Makeup-
-Prosthetics -Body Paint-Adhesives- Removers


Makes the perfect gift

Do you know someone who wants  exciting new FX  supplies each month? FX Crate is suitable for seasoned veterans of the trade and your casual hobbyist. This means that your loved one/best friend/makeup partner can discover amazing  surprises every month, without breaking your bank account!


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Beta Crate
Every purchase of our Beta Crate will be considered for a reward in the future as a thank you for helping us grow.